A catalogue of films and movies featuring Omar Cook 


Omar Cook directed, wrote, and starred in crime drama short film, “Coke Boys”.

Plot: Cain is one of the biggest drug dealers in South Central, supplying the streets with coke and pills and taking out anyone standing in his way. The operation becomes shaky after one of his crew members turns police informant, creating tension from within. Cain is caught between a booming drug operation and disloyalty among his associates.


Omar Cook directed, wrote, and starred in thriller suspense short film, “Deadly Thoughts”.

Plot: Darnell Harris experiences a series of flashbacks as he reminiscences over his girlfriend, Aya, but is also on the verge of a mental breakdown due to an eerie secret.

12x Award Winning Film


Omar Cook directed, wrote, and starred in thriller suspense short film, SKANDALOUZ.

Plot: Marcus Williams is a successful young lawyer on the verge of becoming Junior Partner. He is career driven and selfish in his motives. After Kayla Williams, his wife of 5 years, finds out Marcus is cheating, Marcus is left to deal with his own mess, with serious consequences.

6x Award Winning Short Film


Omar Cook starred in thriller suspense short film, “Wasted Time”.

Plot: A former criminal races against time to save his wife after his past comes back to seek revenge.

12x Award Winning Film


Omar Cook starred in the short film, Don’t Hide, as Chris 2.

Plot: Three strangers help a young woman fight to survive in her own nightmare as a demon comes for them all.


Omar Cook played a supporting role in the feature film, Fortunate Son, as Chris 2.

Plot: A movie within a movie chronicling Ted Fin, a new-to-Los Angeles actor trying to take advantage of a potential big break before spiraling down the rabbit hole of madness.

Omar Cook is an award winning filmmaker and actor with a professional resume including movies, tv shows, and video games.